Conference #4- Lib Dem Conference: Clegg Q&A

Hello again readers.

We finished our three days at the conference with a Q&A session with Nick Clegg which involved members of the Lib Dems submitting questions and then being allowed to ask a follow up question. I found this to be extremely informative and the topics ranged from “what would it be like to be in a Labour coalition?” to things like “why don’t we keep zero-hour contracts?”

Bearing in mind that I can ramble on for ages, I will focus on the topics that I found particularly interesting, and hopefully you will find them interesting too. “Why should I remain a Lib Dem when I am continually disenchanted by our policies in this new coalition?” was a question asked by a member of the party who brought up examples like the bedroom tax (If you don’t know about it, Google it) and the many cuts that have happened across the board.

It was interesting hearing the responses that Nick Clegg gave, who said that being the junior party in the coalition was not without its difficulties but they have done their best to make sure that cuts are happening in the right places and affect the right people. He said that cuts were inevitable given the state of the economy and whatever party was in power would be doing the same. I had never considered before the dynamics of the two parties, as well as not fully appreciating the difficulties of righting the economy. For those of you who thought the same maybe these words will do something for you as well.

Anyhow I’ll wrap this up by saying we had an amazing time at the conference and especially in Glasgow, if you’re ever here I suggest eating some haggis, tats and swede.



~ by kidscountyouth on January 18, 2014.

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