Conference #6- First day at the labour party conference

The day started with a drive from Eastbourne to Brighton. It was nice, I got to experience some beautiful scenery; hillsides, the sea and green land…. lets not forget seeing the sheep and horses!

We arrived at the conference site ready for the day ahead. Before the meeting I was feeling nervous, however, once I started talking the nerves slowly eased.

I loved seeing so many important people taking a stand and actually wanting to make a difference to the lives of young people. I was surprised at the fact that people were taking an interest and were truly engaged.

I really hope that we get a chance to work with them in bringing about policies that will influence and improve the lives of young people.

I loved the fact that I got the chance to do filming and working with professional equipment and successfully film a number of interviews.

We listened to a number of policy changes that the Labour Party wants to implement:
•Make changes to transport available for young people
•Improve education for youth
•Providing free breakfasts to primary school pupils
•Criticised rises in the tuition fees and the implementation of free schools

Overall it was a great experience at the party conference for the first time. I loved the atmosphere, especially on the main stage. I have learned many skills that I would not normally get the chance to practice, and I am grateful to be given this experience!


~ by kidscountyouth on January 21, 2014.

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